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About Us

Friday Concepts is an international boutique consultancy specializing in Enterprise Risk Management, Islamic Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, and Governance consultancy. We assist enterprises in creating excellence and shareholder value by converting risk strategy to performance.

Our Philosophy

Friday Concepts was founded on the concept of Imago - pronounced 'im-ar-go' - a Latin word denoting the transformation and development of a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Faced with ever-changing threats, the defense of an organization and its stakeholders is becoming an increasingly difficult task. The traditional, narrow, and reactive strategies are no longer adequate nor sustainable. To protect shareholder interests, organizations have to implement processes that will allow them to survive the tides of disruption and thrive.

In essence, we seek to initiate the transformation and development of structures, knowledge, culture, products, and services that will enable organizations to create value and achieve key objectives in line with their vision. At the same time, we believe in realizing existing potential: by building on the existing foundation and strengths of our clients and harnessing opportunities via a strategic, integrated, and holistic approach.

To this end, we work with our clients to establish:
- A strategic focus
- An enterprise-wide vision
- A comprehensive strategy
- An alignment of objectives
- A unified management structure
- An adaptable approach
- A cross-functional convergence of complementary disciplines
- An integration of systems and processes
- A continuous improvement process
- An implementation of flexible solutions

At the core of our philosophy is to work with our clients as strategic long-term business partners. We believe in forming dynamic partnerships with our clients’ management and project teams to ensure that the solutions we provide are uniquely tailored to reach identified targets and business goals.


Taking risks with confidence

Our team is comprised of only senior practitioners, ensuring top service quality with the highest impact.
Our Approach

Direct Transfer of Knowledge

From start to finish, we empower our clients with the requisite skills, ideas, structures, and strategic solutions that will facilitate growth and performance.


Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals with the combined experience of more than 150 years in a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

Your Strategic Long-TermBusiness Partners

We believe in forming dynamic partnerships with our clients’ management and project teams to achieve identified goals.

A Tailored, Flexible Approach

Through a structured but flexible approach, we provide uniquely customized solutions to achieve key objectives aligned with your organization’s vision.