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Our Approach

Our Approach

Our directors and principals adopt a hands-on and proactive role in all assignments as we are focused on delivering quality products and ensuring full client satisfaction. Our approach provides a complete solution, taking into account our client’s developmental life cycle.

Structured meetings will be held with key members of the management team so as to enable us to specifically tailor the program, training, and implementation. We will then propose a program that ensures optimum achievement of identified goals and targets. In the implementation of our Enterprise Risk Management framework solutions, we adopt a modular approach. This has been done for ease of understanding, and to ensure that our clients stay firmly in control of implementation plans.

The Friday Concepts methodology involves:
· Understanding and ensuring our clients linkages of objectives to their vision and mission.
· Relating risks to strategic and operational objectives.
· Practical approaches to risk identification and assessment.
· A comparison of our clients’ Enterprise Governance Framework against best practice.
· Ensuring the BCM plan is robust and flexible.

At Friday Concepts, we abide by the principles of risk management throughout the execution of all projects. That is, we aim to create value while integrating our recommendations into the organization’s structures and decision-making processes. Our programs will be systematic, structured, transparent, and inclusive. They will address uncertainty while incorporating a framework of continual improvement and responsiveness to change.

In accordance with our exacting service standards, Friday Concepts also emphasises and maintains a strict code of client confidentiality.

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